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Reach out to the stars…

The other day, it was shocking and very sad to hear a dear old friend passed away, the most tragic was that it took almost three months for me to hear it from a third party and the fact that  I missed my opportunity to connect with him when I could more often is very painful to bear. Such is the current state of affairs in life, we now have less and less times for each other. Such was the case even before that faithgul moment when Neda became martyr, a symbol for freedom.

Every seconds robbed off us for one thing or another. There is often no time for deeper contemplation, less and less room for our fellow beings. For now I have to neglect and sacrifice many things, for we are fighters in this cause.  As Neda’s we must sacrifice friends, family and our own lives for Freedom. For we have no choice but to fight with our voices of silence and bear hands chained in gallows of dictators. While we are carrying on with daily chores, we also  lose focus on whats  important in life. The tendency is to give our highest priority to what we call work. Our working life is like running on a treadmill, heading to an elusive destinations an imaginary oasis. We falsley  think  finally with riches earned,it  will be a happiness abound.

We need to retain our natural  positive attitude in life as  something to be nurtured, practiced and retained  from an early age. Once negativity states sets in, we find ourself on a down hill spiral towards destination misery.

Children are full of joy, their outlook on life is of curiosity and amazement. It is a perspective that get beaten out of us at an early age, it is done by the brand “necessities of life”. Precisely  what we need to be weary of more than anything.

Question remains, Why are we in such a quagmire? And is it really that necessary – The costs of luxuries granted to a few, is becoming too expensive to bear for us all. Why make life unbearable to so many, we live in a universe with infinite riches and resources.

Current Economic system perpetuates an unnecessary recurring cycle of misery, famine, war  and continues to pollute our environment. The heavy burden on citizens to put themselves through extreme harsh hood in order to meet the set goals of perceived success, sold to them by truck loads through all medias is misguided.

We must fight for our rights, to rich out to  the stars, and  this time we literally need to actually do this. We must set our goals towards finding resources to feed, house and educate every citizen to the highest standard possible. Respect one another and our environment. Is it really too much to ask?


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Vanguards of the Green Revolution

Bahareh Hedayat is a women’s and students’ rights activist who was first arrested three years ago and sentenced to two years’ suspended imprisonment for participation in a protest gathering. She was also imprisoned for a month this summer after the June uprising.


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Khamenei’s Wish list …

Khameni’s Wish List

Bed for Peace

  • I wish that all Iranians were illiterate, suicide bombers and couldn’t care less who was ruling them.
  • I wish that Iran capital city instead of Tehran was a backward rural village, Then if people protested could easily imprison everyone.
  • I wish there were no Universities in Iran to give me such headaches
  • I wish that enemy had not invented Internet, Created for the sole purpose to scold me no doubt.
  • I wish I was not given (this cursed) Supreme Leader title in the first place.
  • I wish before this green movements started, I had died, so I would not turn into such a disgrace.
  • I wish that all knowledgeable Iranians where like my beloved pea brained Ahmadinejad .
  • I wish I had broken my legs after the election accidentally, so I wouldn’t have to endure the friday sermon which  inflamed people even more to protest with all that gibberish I uttered from sheer stupidity.
  • I wish that I had got rid of Mosavi,Karubi and Khatami at the time of  infamous  mass extermination “Serial Killings”affair when I did without any one watching over it.
  • I wish people of Iran trusted me and believed a single word I said, very least showed a little respect to me supposedly a Supreme Leader after all.
  • I wish on 16Azar  day, a great natural disaster befalls from sky on all Iranian cities so no one  would be able to  get out of their houses.*
  • I wish Moharam would not come **
  • I wish this year 22 Bahman was removed from the calendar ***
  • I wish our enemies would drop a huge bomb on Tehran killing everyone  apart from me and my family
  • I wish all Ayatollahs were very stupid and dumb like Nori Hamedani.
  • I wish I was not given birth from mothers womb, so not bear witness to whats going on today.
  • I wish I had at least one friend or a trusted country that I could run off to on a rainy day.
  • I wish that Iranian People gave one iota for what I had to say
  • I wish I had one tenth popularity of Khatami, Karrubi or Mosavi. It is  making me sick with envy and jealousy.

list goes on …

Tell us Mr Khameni  how does it really feel to rule over a people that despise  you so much?

*16Azar is national student day uprising for freedom (7 Dec)

**Moharam is Shittes religious day as always best excuse for Sea of green to turn it into another Green Festival for Freedom

*** 22Aban marks Iranian People Last uprising for freedom Likely to become another Sea of Green Action Day for Freedom

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16 Azar/7 Dec Next Green Mark on Sea of Green Calendar

16 Azar five months since the active Green Movement started promises to be biggest in 30 years


We are united, We are active, We are not afraid, We are here for our rights and our freedom.

16 Azar

16 Azar p1

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Ehsan Fattahian another hero for Sea of Green murdered by Islamic Republic


Ehsan Fatahian another Sea of Green hero for Freedom

Today the discredited regime added another page to their tainted history, the last letter of Ehsan is an address to all humanity. His last words reverberates through out pointing out the gross injustices that are being perpetrated by a cruel, inhuman and barbaric regime. IRI today is a spot of shame for humanity in 21st Century at odds with reality of what people of Iran want and What the world expects or can allow as minimum standard of governance internationally.
It punishes and kills with impunity. However brave and nobel people of Iran have risen. They are saying with resolute they want to rid of this regime and have democracy and Free Iran. This is essential for regional and global peace to remove a global instrument and sponsor of terror.

To put it simply this illegitimate and barbaric regime must be consigned to the dustbin of history sooner the better. As Ehsan said for sea of green “ every death is the beginning of a new life.”

Lets recall Ehsans words from his last letter

when punishment is the answer for those who seek freedom and justice, how can one fear his fate? Those of “us” who have been sentenced to death by “them” are only guilty of seeking an opening to a better and fair world. Are “they” also aware of their deeds?

They cannot see anything but their own illegitimate objectives, even when it is the question of a person’s right to life – the most basic of all human rights. How pointless is it to expect them to respect international treaties when they don’t even respect their own laws?

My death and the deaths of thousands of others like me will not cure the pain; they will only add to the flames of this fire. There is no doubt that every death is the beginning of a new life.

excerpt from Human Rights Activists -Iran

• Ehsan Fattahian was hanged.

• Soheil Navidi-Yekta was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

• Mehdi Majmoodian has to accept to go into exile in return for his release.

• Atefeh Nabavi was tried.

• Mohammad Sadeghi was remanded.

• Hadi Abtahi was arrested.

• 7 Polytechnic University students were arrested.

• Ahmad Zaid-Abadi’s release was delayed.

The Execution of Ehsan Fattahian

The 27 year old Kurdish activist, Ehsan Fattahian, was hanged this morning at Sanandaj Central Prison amid a wave of protests by Iranian and international human rights groups. Fattahian was sentenced to death on Moharebeh (enmity with God) charges. Ehsan was not allowed to call or have a last visit with his family before his execution. Reports from Sanandaj prison suggest that Ehsan refused to let the guards remove the stool on which he stood and stepped off the stool of his own volition. The HRA reporter says that this will be the last image those present will remember from a man who is gone forever.

Ehsan Fattahian was arrested in July 2008 and spent the first three months of his detention in solitary confinement. He was repeatedly subjected to physical and psychological torture. Fattahian was sentenced to 10 years in prison during his trial but the verdict was appealed by the prosecutor. Against all legal and judicial standards, the appeals court changed his sentence to a death sentence.

7 Years in Prison and 74 Lashes for Soheil Navidi-Yekta

Soheil Navidi-Yekta who is among the post election detainees has been sentenced to 7 years in prison and 74 lashes. He charges included acting against national security, propagating against the regime and disruption of public order.

Voluntary Exile in Return for Freedom

The human rights activist and journalist, Mehdi Mahmoodian told his family during a prison visit, that his interrogators have offered him freedom in return for 4 years of voluntary exile to a city outside Tehran. He also has to give up journalism as a condition for his release.

The Trial of Atefeh Nabavi

Atefeh Nabavi appeared today before the 12 branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.

She has been accused of having ties to the Mojahedin-e- Khalgh Organiztion (MKO). The 27 year old Nabavi was arrested on June 15th, 2009. She was held for 95 days in ward 209 of Evin but has been recently transferred to a public ward inside the prison.

Mohammad Sadeghi Remanded, Hassan Asadi Called Home

The defense attorneys for Mohammad Sadeghi have announced that the court has ordered their client be remanded. Sadeghi, who is a member of the central council of Advat Tahkim Vahdat organization, has objected to his remand.

The defense attorney, Mousavi, added that the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court has to decide on Sadeghi’s objection and will then return the case to the 7th branch of the Majistrates’ Court.

6 days after his arrest,Hassan Asadi-Zaidabadi informed his family that is being held in the Evin Prison. His wife, Atefeh Khalafi, said that he was in good spirits.

Mohammad Sadeghi and Hassan Asadi-Zaidabadi are both members of the Advar Tahkim Vahdat organization. They were arrested on November 3rd, 2009.

7 Polytechnic University Students Arrested

7 Polytechnic University (Tafresh Campus) students were arrested on Monday, by agents from the Intelligence Ministry. The 7 arrested students had distributed a publication inside the campus and had been involved in planning a rally on November 4th.

Hamid Azimi, Mohammad As’adi, Saeed Ghasemi and Amin Arabi have since called their families but there is no news on the fates of Ali Mottalebi and Koorosh Yeganeh who have disappeared since their arrest. Also, Mohsen Adabipoor, who was in charge of printing the publication, was abducted from his house.

Ahmad Zaid-Abadi’s Release Delayed

Despite the initial bail order, the judge from the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court refused to let the family post the bail for Ahmad Zaid-Abadi.

Zaid-Abadi’s wife, Mahdieh Mohammadi said: “Following My husband’s court hearing on Sunday, the clerk form the 26th branch of the Revolutionary Court informed us that the judge had agreed to release him on $ 200,000 bail. Regrettably, the judge rescinded his decision yesterday and refused to let the bail be posted. We were told to wait until Tuesday, but then they called me on Tuesday to tell me that his release has been put on hold until further notice”.

Zaid-Abadi was tried last Sunday for conspiracy to cause riot and propagating against the regime. He is a member of the Adavr Tahkim Vahdat organization and has been detained since his arrest in June 2009.

Hadi Abtahi Arrested

Hadi Abtahi was arrested on Tuesday when agents from the Intelligence Ministry raided his business. The agents then went to his resident where they seized his computer and personal belongings. Abtahi is the son of Mojtaba Abtahi, who is a board member of the Teachers Union.

The Trial of Safayi-Farahani

The former MP, Mohsen Safayi-Farahani, will appear before the court on Saturday. The hearing will be held at the 15th branch of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran. His attorney, Hooshang Babai has been able to review his file. Safayi-Farahani was arrested in June 2009 and is currently detained.

Raheleh Asgari-Zadeh and Vahideh Molavi were Released

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Another Green Day Victory for Sea of Green

4th November/13Aban  a significant date for the regime propaganda machine once more was turned to another Green Day, this is gradually becoming a norm, despite all the restrictions dictator regime imposes on the people, Sea of Green finds and has worked out innovative means of undermining the regime at every opportunity.
Regime is clearly no longer able to run the show, it cannot muster enough populist support for its credibility, all it can do is to flex its military mussels at the very people it has been drafted up to protect. Every arrest and beating is another dark mark on its already well tainted history of shame and further damages its reputation.
After 30 years regime has nothing positive to show for it, it is reported that with an average monthly income of $200 dollars whilst average household expense is around $800 to live on. Most of the populace living on or below the breadline. Crime, prostitution and narcotic additions rages at highest in its entire history.
Countries notion globally has wrongly changed from a nation of peace maker/loving to an international sponsors of terror. The catalog of shame goes on.
Sea of Green is here to stay, Our noble and peace loving Iranians of all sections of society, religions, political spectrum and interest are all united for one cause. They demand a democratic FREE IRAN. Today we cannot miss Green signs of hope erected all around us.

MUST SEE, Attack on Woman and Girl, Nov 4 حمله به زن و دختر مردم

MUST SEE, Riot Police beating up girls, Nov 4 کتک زدن دختران در خیابان

Aban 13 Tehran (Nov 4) people being attacked by Security Forces HQ

MUST SEE, Arresting of Protesters, Tehran 4 Nov Iran

Throwing Tear gas at People 4. Nov پرتاب گاز اشک آور بین مردم

لگدهای خشم ملت بروی چهره علی خامنه ای/ 13 آبان

MUST SEE, Basiji among People, Nov 4 بسیجی‌ در میان مردم

A brave Iranian woman leading a 13 Aban protest: Tehran Nov 4th

روبرو شدن كروبي با مردم در حال فرار وابراز احساسات با آنها

CNN: Neda’s Mother: “She Was Like An Angel”.

Iran security forces arrest AFP journalist -agency

250 sec agents kept Mousavi from joining 13 Aban

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