Another Green Day Victory for Sea of Green

4th November/13Aban  a significant date for the regime propaganda machine once more was turned to another Green Day, this is gradually becoming a norm, despite all the restrictions dictator regime imposes on the people, Sea of Green finds and has worked out innovative means of undermining the regime at every opportunity.
Regime is clearly no longer able to run the show, it cannot muster enough populist support for its credibility, all it can do is to flex its military mussels at the very people it has been drafted up to protect. Every arrest and beating is another dark mark on its already well tainted history of shame and further damages its reputation.
After 30 years regime has nothing positive to show for it, it is reported that with an average monthly income of $200 dollars whilst average household expense is around $800 to live on. Most of the populace living on or below the breadline. Crime, prostitution and narcotic additions rages at highest in its entire history.
Countries notion globally has wrongly changed from a nation of peace maker/loving to an international sponsors of terror. The catalog of shame goes on.
Sea of Green is here to stay, Our noble and peace loving Iranians of all sections of society, religions, political spectrum and interest are all united for one cause. They demand a democratic FREE IRAN. Today we cannot miss Green signs of hope erected all around us.

MUST SEE, Attack on Woman and Girl, Nov 4 حمله به زن و دختر مردم

MUST SEE, Riot Police beating up girls, Nov 4 کتک زدن دختران در خیابان

Aban 13 Tehran (Nov 4) people being attacked by Security Forces HQ

MUST SEE, Arresting of Protesters, Tehran 4 Nov Iran

Throwing Tear gas at People 4. Nov پرتاب گاز اشک آور بین مردم

لگدهای خشم ملت بروی چهره علی خامنه ای/ 13 آبان

MUST SEE, Basiji among People, Nov 4 بسیجی‌ در میان مردم

A brave Iranian woman leading a 13 Aban protest: Tehran Nov 4th

روبرو شدن كروبي با مردم در حال فرار وابراز احساسات با آنها

CNN: Neda’s Mother: “She Was Like An Angel”.

Iran security forces arrest AFP journalist -agency

250 sec agents kept Mousavi from joining 13 Aban


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