Khamenei’s Wish list …

Khameni’s Wish List

Bed for Peace

  • I wish that all Iranians were illiterate, suicide bombers and couldn’t care less who was ruling them.
  • I wish that Iran capital city instead of Tehran was a backward rural village, Then if people protested could easily imprison everyone.
  • I wish there were no Universities in Iran to give me such headaches
  • I wish that enemy had not invented Internet, Created for the sole purpose to scold me no doubt.
  • I wish I was not given (this cursed) Supreme Leader title in the first place.
  • I wish before this green movements started, I had died, so I would not turn into such a disgrace.
  • I wish that all knowledgeable Iranians where like my beloved pea brained Ahmadinejad .
  • I wish I had broken my legs after the election accidentally, so I wouldn’t have to endure the friday sermon which  inflamed people even more to protest with all that gibberish I uttered from sheer stupidity.
  • I wish that I had got rid of Mosavi,Karubi and Khatami at the time of  infamous  mass extermination “Serial Killings”affair when I did without any one watching over it.
  • I wish people of Iran trusted me and believed a single word I said, very least showed a little respect to me supposedly a Supreme Leader after all.
  • I wish on 16Azar  day, a great natural disaster befalls from sky on all Iranian cities so no one  would be able to  get out of their houses.*
  • I wish Moharam would not come **
  • I wish this year 22 Bahman was removed from the calendar ***
  • I wish our enemies would drop a huge bomb on Tehran killing everyone  apart from me and my family
  • I wish all Ayatollahs were very stupid and dumb like Nori Hamedani.
  • I wish I was not given birth from mothers womb, so not bear witness to whats going on today.
  • I wish I had at least one friend or a trusted country that I could run off to on a rainy day.
  • I wish that Iranian People gave one iota for what I had to say
  • I wish I had one tenth popularity of Khatami, Karrubi or Mosavi. It is  making me sick with envy and jealousy.

list goes on …

Tell us Mr Khameni  how does it really feel to rule over a people that despise  you so much?

*16Azar is national student day uprising for freedom (7 Dec)

**Moharam is Shittes religious day as always best excuse for Sea of green to turn it into another Green Festival for Freedom

*** 22Aban marks Iranian People Last uprising for freedom Likely to become another Sea of Green Action Day for Freedom

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