Reach out to the stars…

The other day, it was shocking and very sad to hear a dear old friend passed away, the most tragic was that it took almost three months for me to hear it from a third party and the fact that  I missed my opportunity to connect with him when I could more often is very painful to bear. Such is the current state of affairs in life, we now have less and less times for each other. Such was the case even before that faithgul moment when Neda became martyr, a symbol for freedom.

Every seconds robbed off us for one thing or another. There is often no time for deeper contemplation, less and less room for our fellow beings. For now I have to neglect and sacrifice many things, for we are fighters in this cause.  As Neda’s we must sacrifice friends, family and our own lives for Freedom. For we have no choice but to fight with our voices of silence and bear hands chained in gallows of dictators. While we are carrying on with daily chores, we also  lose focus on whats  important in life. The tendency is to give our highest priority to what we call work. Our working life is like running on a treadmill, heading to an elusive destinations an imaginary oasis. We falsley  think  finally with riches earned,it  will be a happiness abound.

We need to retain our natural  positive attitude in life as  something to be nurtured, practiced and retained  from an early age. Once negativity states sets in, we find ourself on a down hill spiral towards destination misery.

Children are full of joy, their outlook on life is of curiosity and amazement. It is a perspective that get beaten out of us at an early age, it is done by the brand “necessities of life”. Precisely  what we need to be weary of more than anything.

Question remains, Why are we in such a quagmire? And is it really that necessary – The costs of luxuries granted to a few, is becoming too expensive to bear for us all. Why make life unbearable to so many, we live in a universe with infinite riches and resources.

Current Economic system perpetuates an unnecessary recurring cycle of misery, famine, war  and continues to pollute our environment. The heavy burden on citizens to put themselves through extreme harsh hood in order to meet the set goals of perceived success, sold to them by truck loads through all medias is misguided.

We must fight for our rights, to rich out to  the stars, and  this time we literally need to actually do this. We must set our goals towards finding resources to feed, house and educate every citizen to the highest standard possible. Respect one another and our environment. Is it really too much to ask?


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  1. intetaFem said

    Fantastic, I did not know about this topic till now. Thanks.

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