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One more green hero

By now it is becoming like a joint venture with the dictatorship regime whom unwittingly helping along to create another Icon to the green cause daily almost.
After 7th month of dissent, the road to the green revolution is as expected a bit bumpy and carries sad memories of fallen martyrs along its path.
We have come a long way from “where is my vote” to now an open defiance of the regime questioning its very legitimacy and existence, successfully eroding its power base of support in and outside the country.
Regime has become so impotent to deal with the situation, whilst its every attempt to silence dissent backfires often with major consequences beyond its comprehension. It is where like the last days of Shah is so oblivious to its plight, blind to what is going on around it and hopelessly trying not to concede defeat.

It has tried everything from show trials, intimidation, murder, torture and shaming tactics, desperately trying to stop the inevitable .
Each time it has been but very good only at helping to create another Icon for the Green movement.
The latest attempt at trying shaming Majid Tavakoli has turned into an international incident with thousands of supporters worldwide joining in or becoming converts to the cause. Strategically it has helped to bring the struggle to the open, where world opinion is turning its attention, for some it is unprecedented for men to be acting as strong feminists supporters and libertarians, it is more magnified for such stereotypically cast as Iranian men strongly associated with chauvinism, brought up in strong patriarchal society, which is really a breath of fresh air for the Iranian diaspora. For most the green movement has succeed in breaking many misconceptions about Iran, Men, Women and much of the taboos, that middle eastern men can also cross dress with a smile, in fact with pride. This is a secular movement encompassing all strata of society, creeds and political tendencies. With a very simple premise that a democratic civil society is achievable and the only answer for a better lasting peace. Repercussion that will reverberate through out the region and the rest of the world for months to come. It is time for all to join in support, Green deplores you to become part of it or support it as best as you can, for by now we are all sick and tired of the islamic zealots making life hell for the rest of us. Lets have a world in peace.
Thank you.
and Free Iran.


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