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Then and now – Traditional Media failure to deliver

In this article I dont need to go into deep analysis on likes of Flynt Leverett ,Hillary Mann Leverett and Will Heaven as there has been ample discussion on them. It is blatantly obvious where they are coming from and their dishonourable intentions well exposed. It is more important to see the symptoms and why actions  are needed to combat such misguided tendencies as well as the despotic regime who feels has a free reign in killing and pillage of innocent people. This same protests have been going on for more than 30 years, only this time round thanks to Internet and modern communication regime is impotent to repeat the same holocaust scenario again, while the appeasers camp wants to go on with their illogical argument of dealing with terror regime endlessly, clearly we need to fight this war on both fronts.

More than seven months has passed from the renewed uprising of a nation against injustices and atrocities of a corrupt and illegal  Islamic government.  However, there is a marked difference from such uprising in the past when government had the upper hand, its news blockade was successfully applied and 20 years ago, it did the same as what it is trying to do now, it arrested  every individual in the country it could suspect  or even have potential to be an opposition to its evil intents it then systematically massacred some 30000 in prisons. The news of which only came to light only years later and the full story is yet to be fully investigated and bodies yet to be identified buried in many unmarked mass graves. The despotic regime then could get away with it as there were no internet, all means of communications were blocked and with no observer or journalists on the ground it could happily carry out all its sordid intentions without any one watching. Then as now there were 1000’s of martyrs such as Neda, Sohrab and Taraneh but we don’t even know most of their names let alone of their faces.
The fact that an evil regime can dictate to the world and free press a news blockade, is reprehensible and illegal in every respect. It requires strong condemnations from every nations and citizens of this world that freedom to report on any governments action is moral and human rights of every individual on the planet. Governments have no rights to dictate censorship on the news and nor do they have the right to ban curtail journalist, reporters and photographers from carrying out their duties. There is I would say a strong arguments if a government blockades the news to ousted then outside world has a duty also to blockade it propaganda machine such as PRESS TV or IRNA who are paid specifically to disseminate misinformation to the world, to report on staged government rallies and to divert attentions from the actual issues that are going on inside the country. After all in diplomatic spheres we do the same the diplomats get expelled out, can we also kindly kick out those bloody IRI Spies who are only here in the west under the guise of Journalistic ticket with a sole purpose to disseminating lies and to take pictures of the demonstrators for regime intelligent services.
However what we are getting instead of a strong uproar against injustices and blatant disregards of human rights by the regime.  Is a wholesale disgrace of traditional press and news agencies sadly they must  also tow the party line too it seems.
Thats why we get miserable individuals such as Will Heaven to freely outpour his garbage on the pages of a tabloid press with a straight face and not mention a word about damning failure to report the reality on the ground. If only for heaven’s sake he had the balls to get his arse there in Tehran and taste the reality first hand on the ground, he would surly gain a wherewithal to issue a deserved apology for his imbeciliec outpours of earlier days.
Where are the Kate Edies of our time when they smuggled themselves into troubles spots of the world, risking their lives to get that one picture, report or interviews that did really make the news. It is sorely missed in these days, when dictatorship of IRI has declared a crime for anyone to even talk to all the press it does not sanction,  it has even gone to trouble of  produced a long list of ones no one can talk to and have connections with,  A kind of absurdity of Orvellian proportion (comically amongst it includes Yale university as those undesirables) , it has even arrested activists and oppositions figures who have dared to hold evan an interview’s with the likes of BBC.

Today with the current technologies there are 1000’s of citizen journalist each with their mobile phone cameras and twitter accounts busy reporting the news for free by the minutes. The details are so precise a recent gruesome incident when the regime Security Services(SS) ramming the population with their SUV’s and maul to death someone by decidedly running over them three times, with every murky details recorded with shaky cameras from many different vantage points ones even high above on top of the buildings, it may be possible to make not only a 3d records of this act but even a holographic movie of the horrors perpetrated by the regime for humanity to witness for eons to come. see link on close up analysis. One day soon we will have it investigated in  international courts of Justice as were done with Nurenberg Nazi’s after the second world war.  This time round it would be easier as we have all the evidence you need in holographic details.


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Who is the oppressed

Such is bravery of the people of Sea of Green Revolution ready to take on even guns empty handed no matter how grave consequences,  the mercenary  yielding the gun has no choice but runs for his life in fright.

Difference between me and you

‏When you call “‬Death to Mosavi‪”‬ it is the cameras that are pointing at you from the National TV,‬and my “‬Down with Dictator‪”‬ are greeted with batons directed at my face‪.‬

You get transport in comfort to here and‬  I have to cross  barricades to get there‪.

They call you a model citizen and me a trouble maker.

You have security at work,‬ me in constant fear for my life‪.‬

Posters and flag distributed between you and us tear gas and pepper sprays.‬

فرق من و تو

مرگ بر موسوی میگویی در حالیکه دوربین ها رو به تو است برای پخش مستقیم از کانال سراسری .

من مرگ بر دیکتاتور میگویم در حالیکه باتوم ها رو به من است .
تو را با اتوبوس می آورند و برای من خیابان ها را میبندند .
تو را مردم مینامند و من را فتنه گر .
تو امنیت شغلیت تامین شده و من نگران امنیت جانیم هستم .
در میان شما پرچم و پوستر پخش میشود و در میان ما اشک آور و گاز

By shahrukhdivana
Original Persian text above

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