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International Women’s Day

The women struggle in Iran has been pivotal for freedom movement for over a century, the outdated and discriminatory sharia laws enforced by IRI has expedited the resolve of all freedom activist to show their supports particularly for the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th of March each year. Every year supporters gather in cities in Iran, at universities and squares to show their resolve, that this dictatorship by the will of the people and for what is just and right will be consigned to the dustbin of history. As women all over the world have gradually gained or are gaining their rights on equal footing as men as equal citizens and recognised as equal contributors to the welfare of society at large.
below is some of the resolutions that are read out at such rallies and demanding an end to barbaric injustices of the dictator regime.
8th March Resolution read by organisers of the 8th March rallies in Iran
:> United and in unison, we, women and freedom loving people declare: No to women’s oppression!
:> We protest against gender apartheid which has become institutionalized in Iran ; and demand the abolition of all anti women laws
:> We support the struggle of people for equal rights between men and women
:> We condemn any compulsory dress code
:> We demand the immediate banning of capital punishment and stoning
:> We strongly condemn any humiliation and violence against women
:> We condemn domestic and state violence
:> We demand the immediate release of women political prisoners
:> We support the teachers’ and workers’ struggle
:> We demand the immediate stop to the arrest and deportation of all Afghan residents and declare that all immigrants in Iran must enjoy equal civil rights.
:> We strongly believe and declare NO to economic sanctions; NO to war; NO to nuclear bombs; Long live freedom, equality and welfare for all.


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Americans for Peace Now

Americans for  Peace Now
Dear Neda,

Congress is now considering two pieces of legislation that will limit the Iranian regime’s ability to crack down on freedom of speech within Iran.

This is a great opportunity. Empowering the Iranian people must be a vital part of the American strategy to deal with the threat posed by Iran to Israel and to key American national security interests.

Click here to tell your Representative to support Iran sanctions that can work.

Here’s a bit of background on these two bills:

— HR 4301 – the Iran Digital Enhancement Act (IDEA) – would help give the Iranian people the high-tech tools they need to communicate online. It would also make it harder for the Iranian government to monitor or block Internet communications.

— HR 4303 – the Stand with the Iranian People Act (SWIPA) – would punish corporations that help the Iranian government stifle free speech. It would also allow American non-profits to provide humanitarian aid within Iran. And it would bar Iranian officials who have abused the human rights of the Iranian public from entering the United States.

Iran poses a threat to Israel and to America. Sanctions like these – that target the Iranian regime (and not the Iranian public) – should be one element of a broad U.S. policy that includes engagement.

Now is the time for action. What happens in Iran can have broad ramifications for Israel and for the future of the Arab-Israeli peace process.

Click here to send your letter.


Noam Shelef
Director of Strategic Communications

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