Nokia- Must be fined


What is blatant disregard of international law and agreed sanctions by the civilised world has been not to support terrorists and dictators. How can a company under the international law get away with this act.

What next sell necessry jamming and communication stealth technology to Bin Ladin?

Nokia must be fined and the proceeds to be handed to the opposition groups and democratic supporters.

This evil technology given to these barbaric mullahs enabling them to listen and detect all conversations, Along with LBS (location based services) it is then possible to detect the location of the cell phone particularly in the cities where there are more concentration of masts.

What happend to the embargo of not providing Iran high technology.

Look how they treat Iranian people these are their own country folks, do you think they would be hasty to use a nuclear device in a hand bag and detonate it in Europe or America. No these religious zealots are animals and need to be treated as such. Giving them means to kill you is plain stupid.

The only answer is to boycot, put pressure both economic and political. People of Iran are fedup living under this dictatorship and want freedom. Their freedom equates to a safer world for all and rid of the world from this tyranny once and for all.

Towards a more peaceful world and a more civilised middle east.

Long live democracy and freedom.


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